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How You Can Improve Your City

What should you do when you notice a malfunctioning traffic light, a damaged road sign, illegal construction or a broken waste container? You may notice these and pass by, discuss the issue with your friends and family, or report the issue to the relevant authorities by calling a hotline or posting it on social networks. The latter methods are certainly more efficient, and the issues raised are much more likely to be addressed. CityBugs is a systematic and efficient platform where you can report issues and track them until they have been solved. There are three basic steps to get an issue solved:

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Adding a BUG

Have you noticed an issue? Go to Bugs.City or download the CityBugs app from Google Play or the App Store. Register (also via Facebook) and choose “Add BUG”. Capture the issue with your phone’s camera and submit 1-3 photos. You then choose a relevant category (health, waste management, etc.), mark the issue’s location on the map and add a description. The BUG is created. Now it is visible on the dynamic map and accessible to everyone.

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Discussing, Addressing and Studying

Social media should be used to raise awareness of issues. Share the bug in social networks, to engage people who are just as concerned as you: neighbors, friends, other residents. Everybody involved can register with the system and support you by liking, commenting or sharing the bug. Relevant state authorities can also take part in discussions by making comments. All the data about bugs are provided to responsible bodies in a systematic manner, after which processing begins.

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BUG Status Change

By addressing the relevant authority, your raised issue will be processed and will be given a status: “solved”, “unsolved”, “in progress”. CityBugs allows you to track the issue and see how a relevant authority is solving it.

CityBugs as a Tried and Tested Mechanism of Solving City Problems

CityBugs helps cities function more harmoniously, citizens are given a voice, and the work of the responsible bodies becomes more efficient and transparent. The platform has already helped to solve hundreds of issues. With CityBugs, registered citizens can:․

  • Report city issues as quickly and easily as possible
  • Raise awareness widely among the inhabitants
  • Offer solutions in the form of comments
  • Discuss the issues directly with the responsible bodies


Is the platform available for mobile as well?

CityBugs is available also on mobile. You can download the app for Android and iOS from Play Store and App Store respectively.

How can I edit my details?

To edit your personal details, click your username at the top right corner, then choose My profile. A new page will open. Under the Main menu at the top left corner select Edit profile. Make sure to save your changes before exiting.

Can I add a bug without pictures?

In order for the issue to be as descriptive and complete as possible, CityBugs requires to upload at least 1, and a maximum of 3 pictures when creating a bug.

How can I share the bugs?

Links to any bugs can be shared on social networks, also by using the social buttons from bug’s description page.

Who gets the data about bugs?

Bugs data is provided to the city authorities responsible for solving the particular issue. For instance, if the municipality is responsible for the protection of a certain monument, a bug reporting of its damage will be transmitted to the municipality.

Why do I need to register with CityBugs?

CityBugs is here to help all those citizens who are concerned about the problems in their environment. With a guest status you can see what issues have already been reported using CityBug’s dynamic map. However, in order to report a bug yourself, like or comment on bugs added by other users, you will need to sign up with either your email or Facebook account.

How to add a new bug?

You can add a new bug using the button at the top right corner of the home page once you sign in.

How to change a bug’s location on the map?

Only the bug creator can change its location on the map. While creating a bug, it is possible to manually move the marker across the map and see the corresponding address. To change a bug’s location on the map, you will need to edit the bug, move it to the desired location and save changes. In order to edit a bug, sign in to your account and choose My bugs from the drop-down menu on top of the page. You will see all the bugs you have created and will be able to edit them.

How can I suggest solutions for the bugs I create?

You can add as many comments to a bug as you wish. Suggestions can be made in the form of comments, which are visible both to other users and to relevant authorities.

What kind of notifications does CityBugs send?

CityBugs sends notifications to bug creators when new comments are added to their bug or when a bug status is changed.

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