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About us

Our story from the very beginning

CityBugs’ core concept was formed during Hackathon Yerevan 2011. While participating in this hackathon, the X-Tech team presented their CityBugs’ idea, which won the nomination for the best social startup project. And in 2012 was officially launched, with financial assistance from "Eurasia Partnership Foundation". The idea is as follows: the city is a system, while all the issues it has are bugs. In programming, a bug is any problem, error or omission, which disturbs the system’s normal workflow. But how to fix all the bugs? Any city authority can more quickly address the issues, if citizens report them. It is the citizen who knows what disturbs them and what needs to be solved. Apart from registering the bugs, authors also need to be able to track them and how they are solved.

CityBugs is Global

CityBugs is a global initiative. Beginning in Yerevan, it has spread into some other cities of Armenia and Artsakh, including Gyumri, Vanadzor, Stepanakert, Armavir. Now CityBugs can be implemented in all of the world’s cities, making it even better.

Easy to Use

Anyone can add a bug. On average it takes 1 minute. You need to add pictures, a name, choose a category and location. The system is available on iOS, Android, and web.

Social and multifaceted

The system serves both the citizens, by enabling them to report the issues they are concerned about, and also the city authorities, who can perform their work in a more efficient fashion.

Transparent and participatory

Citizens track how the issues are processed and feel their contribution to the overall procedure. This ensures a participatory approach to management.

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Our team

At the start up stage, our team comprised 4 specialists. However, the CityBugs team is constantly being refreshed and enlarged with highly qualified professionals.


Since 2012, CityBugs has won a number of international and local awards.